Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Small minds :(

I hate this country sometimes. Not the country itself, but some of the people in it. I guess what I really hate is that "We're number one!" attitude that people get that is REALLY saying "The rest of you SUCK!"

I hate that people get so bitter over pressing "one" for English. My gods, if that is REALLY what fucks up your day, then you might want to re-examine your life. I hope you get stuck in a foreign country, poor as a church mouse, trying to learn a language with people looking down their nose at you. Where they make laws taking away your rights just because you look a certain way or act a certain way and then call it "reasonable."

I hate that they complain about jobs being taken by bilingual people, but they won't learn another language themselves. If it is that easy, why don't THEY learn another language? We shouldn't have to, they say. We were here first. Yeah, well I am sure that you can find a Native American to go and commiserate with. Good luck with that.

I just hate that people aren't nice to people who don't look like them, don't sound like them, or don't act exactly like them. I hate that our country is seeming to become more racist by the day and I hate that I see nice people jumping on this bandwagon all under the guise of saving money, saving jobs, and saving our country.

What, exactly, are we saving it for? Are these not the tired, hungry, and poor huddled masses? Would you prefer they came in and took over the land and killed us all? Gave us the proverbial blankets of smallpox? Oh, wait. Those were real. (And that was US.)

So, the ones who came in and committed mass genocide and stole the land and basically raped this continent; they are heroes. The Mexican family down the street working two jobs to try and feed their kids so they may have a better life; well, in Arizona, they'd better have ID on them at all times. And god forbid a family in Alabama can't understand anything at their kids' parent/teacher conference-everything is to be in English now.

So, while everyone is so concerned about jobs, money, and country, they have forgotten our humanity.

Sigh. I hate this country sometimes.