Sunday, November 17, 2013

I do not think that word means what they think it means...

I listened to the radio for a bit this morning.  I had to turn it off.  If I hear one more news anchor refer to the problems with the ACA website and implementation as a "crisis," I will break my own eardrums.  I simply cannot listen to such hyperbole and, I'm sorry, STUPID anymore.  IT'S NOT A FUCKING CRISIS.

A war, a hurricane, a typhoon, an earthquake, a mass shooting, an outbreak (a REAL one), or a precarious nuclear reactor on the other side of the ocean...THOSE are worthy of the term "crisis."  This?  This is a hiccup.  This will be worked out (if SOMEONE will get out of the way).  This is NOT the end of the world. 

One day, this will all be a distant memory in the past.  Do you want to be remembered for your actions towards the good of the people?  Or, the good of the insurance companies?

Because, if you don't know that those hyping up the problems (and most likely causing them) are the insurance companies and their paid whores, then you don't deserve the brains in your head or the money in your wallet.  They had THREE YEARS to fix these problems with their junk plans, and they chose not to.  They could have chosen to improve those plans, and they chose not to.  They could have chosen to be partners in the healthcare industry, rather than the enemy...and they chose not to.

The REAL problem here?  That we don't have single payer.  Medicare for all, people.  Medicare for fucking ALL.

You want a crisis?  Check out the new voting laws in the states that were previously on a short leash.  Then you come and tell me that some glitches in a website and people being required to be responsible for their own healthcare are a crisis. 

I just hope you don't mind it I break my own eardrums when you do it.